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Partner Pricing

Coffee, Care, and Clients: A Recipe for Success.

Picture the warm and welcoming vibe you can cultivate with your clients, whether it's through a thoughtful coffee gift or serving coffee in your storefront. With our partner pricing for bulk orders, these gestures become a breeze, making every mo’ment special.


12 oz. bag, ground
12 oz. bag, whole bean
3 oz. sample bag, ground 


🕯️ Clean cotton candle
🕯️ Smooth coffee candle
🕯️ Spirited Magnolia candle
🕯️ Signature coffee candle

12 oz. bags = $11.99 (Suggested retail price $14.99)
3 oz. bags = $3.99 (Suggested retail price $4.99)
Clean cotton candle = $13.59 (Suggested retail price $16.99)
Smooth coffee candle = $13.59 (Suggested retail price $16.99)
Spirited Magnolia candle = $13.59 (Suggested retail price $16.99)
Signature coffee candle = $15.99 (Suggested retail price $19.99) 

Minimum order 10 units of each item.

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